• Wall paints for interior and exterior application based on Non yellowing Alkyd resin.

  • Description :
    This is a paint based on high quality non yellowing Alkyd Resin which gives a protective coating of outstanding merit. Highly recommended for exterior as well as interior application on walls, woodwork, metal. Salient feature of this paint is that it can be wiped clean by water,(mild detergent) which once again gives a fresh new look.

    Properties :
    1. Physical Properties :
    A) Finess Of Grind : 6+ on Hegman Gauge.
    B) Supply Viscosity : 60 + 5 Seconds by ford cup B4 when Packed at room temperature.
    C) Specific Gravity : 1.240 + 0.05
    D) Non Volatile Matter Percentage : 56 + 3
    E) Condition In Container : No hard lumps. Soft Settling if any will Disperse uniformly when stirred.

    2. Air Drying Properties :
    A) Surface Dry : Within 3 to 4 Hours
    B) Hard Dry : Overnight

    3. Typical Dry Film Properties :
    a) Finish : Smooth and Matt with slight luster / sheen.
    b) Shade : White

    Application : By Roller / Brush

    Recommended Thinner : Cougar Auto Thinner

    Other Recommendations : Surfacer to be painted should be clean, free from Grease, Oil, Loose and Flaky materials and dry. Two coats of this paint are recommended. No Primer needed. If surface is highly absorbent / rough plaster, additional coat may be required.

    Note : This paint can be supplied in any desired shade.

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