• Synthetic Enamel Paints and Primers

  • Description :
    Cougar Synthetic Enamel is a hard drying, glossy synthetic enamel of the Highest quality. It is made from high grade synthetic alkyd resins. The Pigments used have good light fastness and opacity. It is recommended for all interior and exterior surfaces and gives a high gloss protective coating of outstanding merit.

    Colour Range :
    Available in a wide range of shades plus super white and jet black.

    Properties :
    Viscosity : 100 + 10 Seconds (Ford Cup B4 at 30C) when packed.
    Specific Gravity : 0.900 to 1.150
    Drying Time : Tack Free : 4 to 6 Hours.
    Hard Dry : Overnight.
    Gloss : Full Gloss.
    Finish : Very Smooth, Free From sagging, brush marks and other film defect.
    Application : Brush / Roll / Spray / Dip.
    Covering Capacity : 10 12 Sq. Metres per litre per coat on smooth non absorbent surface.
    Thinners : Cougar Auto Thinner.
    Pretreatment :
    Sound Painting practice requires new surfaces to be thoroughly clean, dry and properly primed with suitable primers. In case of previously painted surfaces, these should be made free of loose and flaking materials and cleaned and scraped to a smooth and dry surface. Best results can be ensured by adhering to the following suggestions:
    a) Masonary surfaces : Ensure that surface is clean, dry and free from loose powdery materials. Rub the smooth surface.
    b) Ferrous Metals : Degrease, clean with solvent. Remove all rust, oil etc.
    Make the surface dry and smooth by rubbing.
    c) Non Ferrous Metal : Degrease, rub down lightly, clean and dry the surface.

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