• Polyurethane Two Pack Coatings.

  • Description :

    These are high performance coatings based on hydroxyl modified acrylic resin and are used in combination with polyisocynate as adduct. These two packs when thoroughly mixed in recommended proportions, cross link together at room temperature to give a coating which passes outstanding features such as
    - Rapid Cure to sand dry stage.
    - Hard and tough film with excellent Adhesion and High Gloss.
    - Excellent chemical, Abrasion and knock resistance.
    - Durability and Gloss retention for many years.

    General Properties :

    (a) Consistency : Ready for use when mixed well in recommended stoichoimetric proportions.
    (b) Mixing Ratio : Paint : Adduct - 4:1
    (c) Maturation Period : 15 Minutes.
    (d) Pot Life : Minimum 4 Hours at Normal room temperature. Use of catalysts or higher temperature will reduce this period.
    (e) Drying Time : Surface Dry : Around 15 Minutes. Hard Dry : 7-8 Hours.
    (f) Finish : Very Smooth, free from any film defects.

    Application : Spray

    Recommended Thinner : Cougar Polyurethane Thinner.

    Pretreatment :
    Surface to be painted should be thoroughly clean, free from grease, oil and Flaking materials and dry. This should be ensured by mechanical or chemical cleaning methods.
    All information is based on results gained from experience and tests and is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability for loss or damage attributable to reliance thereon as conditions of use lie outside our control.

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