• Hammertone Finishes.

  • Cougar Hammertone Finish Paints when applied evenly produces a uniform and attractive hammertone pattern. It is made from high grade modified synthetic alkyd resins. This is strictly a one coat spraying finish and covers all minor surface imperfections. The film obtained is hard and glossy.
    Properties :
    1. Physical Properties :
    a) Fineness of Grind : 7+ on Hegman Gauge.
    b) Supply Viscosity : 60 + 5 Seconds by Ford Cup B4.
    c) Specific Gravity : 0.950 + 0.050
    d) Condition In Container : Uniform structure, will disperse equally when stirred.
    e) Non Volatile Matter : 46 + 2(Percentage).
    2. Air Drying Properties :
    a) Surface Dry : 10-15 Minutes.
    b) Tack Free : 20-25 Minutes
    c) Hard Dry : 18 Hours.
    3. Typical Dry Film Properties :
    a) Hardness : 1500 Gms. Minimum
    b) Flexibility : Passes 6.25 MM Mandrel Test.
    c) Adhesion : Passes Cross Cut Test.
    d) Finish : Hammertone Pattern
    f) Shade : As specified.
    Recommended Thinner : Cougar Special Thinner for Hammertone Paint.
    Application : By Spray.
    Pretreatment : Surface to be painted should be thoroughly cleaned, free from rust, dust particles, grease and oil. This should be ensured by mechanical / chemical cleaning methods.
    All information is based on results gained from experience and tests and is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability for loss or damage attributable to reliance thereon as conditions of use lie outside our control.

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