• Description :
    This is an air drying, chemical resistant paint based on 100% chlorinated Rubber and non saponifiable plasticizer. It is specially for protection of Surfaces exposed to himid, saltly and corrosive atmospheric conditions. It has good resistance to acid, aqueous salt solutions, oxidizing and bleaching agents. The paint has good moisture impermeability. It also has good flexibility, hardness and rapid drying properties. It is incorporated with weather resistant pigments.
    Cougar Chlorinated Rubber paint is recommended for protection of structural steel, storage tanks, pipelines, equipments in chemical envioronment as in ammonia plants, Fertilizer Units, Sewage Disposable plants, Sulphuric, Phosphoric and Nitric Acid units and marine applications. It is also recommended as a masonary coating for buildings and swimming pool to prevent seepage of water through walls. This is recommended for use as Road Marking Paint.
    1. General Properties :
    A) Finess Of Grind : 7+ on Hegman Gauge.
    B) Supply Viscosity : 80 + 10 Seconds by ford cup B4 when
    Packed at room temperature.
    C) Specific Gravity : 1.160 + 0.05
    D) Non Volatile Matter Percentage : 44 + 3
    E) Condition In Container : No hard lumps. Soft Settling if any will Disperse uniformly when stirred.

    2. Air Drying Properties :
    A) Surface Dry : Within 5-10 Minutes.
    B) Hard Dry : 16 18 Hours

    3. Typical Dry Film Properties :
    A) Hardness : Passes 1500 Gms. Minimum
    B) Flexibility : Passes 6 MM Mandrel Test.
    C) Adhesion : Passes Cross Cut Test.
    D) Finish : Smooth and Glossy
    E) Shade : Specified by the customer

    Application : By Spray / By Brush

    Recommended Thinner : Cougar Special Thinner for C.R. Paint.

    Pretreatment : Surface to be painted should be thoroughly clean and dry. This is Essential to provide a sound foundation. Metal surface should be free from rust, dirt particles, scale, oil grease and chemical contaminants. This should be ensured by mechanical chemical Cleaning methods.

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